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Who we are

We are Franca, Luigi, Marco, and Luca, and we represent the beating heart of Dimora Perla di Villa. As a family, we have infused new life and passion into a part of our historic TONA Winery, established in 1892, transforming it into a cozy refuge for guests and travellers seeking authenticity and beauty.

Dimora Perla di Villa wants to tell you a story, our story, rich in centuries-old winemaking tradition and local culture that you can live and breathe from the very apartment you'll stay in. But it doesn't stop there; we will personally guide you on a journey that began over 120 years ago, visiting our wine museum and the late 18th-century mill.

It's our little big project where we put our heart and smiles. We aim to make your experience in Valtellina unique and memorable, allowing you to discover little moments from the past. We can't wait to welcome you! 🏡 🍇


Enjoy this journey to discover our traditions and the surrounding nature!
We are waiting for you 🏡 🍇

Franca,  Luigi, Marco and  Luca

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