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Experience Guide

You will stay in a Historic Wine Estate, discovering the art of local viticulture and the ancient crafts of our territory, traveling through over 120 years of history. Come experience our land, get to know the traditions and the people of the area. Here is our guide for you!

Local Cuisine

We will recommend numerous local venues and restaurants in the area where you can taste and purchase our typical Valtellinese products: from pizzoccheri, sciatt, and bresaola to wine.

Bernina Express

We are just steps away from the Bernina Red Train station. From the vineyards of Valtellina to the glaciers of Bernina: enjoy an incredible journey through the heart of the Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Discover the Charming Villages

In addition to Villa di Tirano, our surroundings are rich with charming villages to visit: Teglio, the home of Pizzoccheri; Tirano, the heart of local history, Sondrio, Bormio, Livigno, Lake Como, and St. Moritz.

Wine road, vineyards e wineries

We are partners of the Strada del Vino (Wine Route), and thanks to our collaborations, we will recommend the best tastings and visits to the most historic wineries in Valtellina.

Visits to Art Sites

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Tirano, Palazzo Salis, Church of Santa Perpetua in Tirano, Gaudì Castle, and the rock engravings park in Grosio are just a few examples of what you can visit. We are here for further recommendations.

Sport and relax in nature

Walks along the Via dei Terrazzamenti, the Pian di Gembro Nature Reserve, other mountain trails, climbing in Val di Mello, cycling on the Sentiero Valtellina or the Giro d'Italia Passes, snowshoeing and skiing 15 minutes away in Aprica or 30' in Bormio and Santa Caterina, or 60' in Livigno.

What Our Customers say



"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hospitality. A welcoming location rich in history, just waiting to be discovered. Thank you for everything!"
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